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Nov. 06, 2022
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Mihran (Burak Dakak) and Selma (Leyla Tanlar) were born at the same time in Güzel Günler Season 1 English Subtitle. A wise person who lives in their city has prophesied that these two individuals are destined to fall in love with one another, but that their relationship would ultimately be severed as a result of a dreadful tragedy.

Mihran and Selma have grown up together and discovered that they are in love with one another, just as the wise man foretold they would. They had recently become engaged, but just a short time after they made the decision to call off their engagement, they chose to terminate their relationship. Everyone is operating under the assumption that Selma is responsible for starting the fire in the house in Güzel Günler Season 1 English Subtitle.

As a direct consequence of the disaster, Mihran makes the decision to cut off all communication with Selma and instead moves to Istanbul with her mother. She does this in order to start a new life. He gives up everything without even attempting to get to the bottom of the truth that is behind this calamity. He just gives up.

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Seven years later, Selma learns that she and her ex-fiance Mihran have acquired a home in Istanbul. The property was originally intended for Mihran’s family. The home has been passed down through Selma’s family for many years. As soon as Selma learned about the inheritance, she made up her mind to go to Istanbul and put the home up for sale there. She gave up everything in her village and moved to Istanbul with her younger sister after selling all of her possessions and moving to Istanbul with her younger sister in Güzel Günler Season 1 English Subtitle.

During this time, Mihran is becoming used to his new life in Istanbul with his very large family. His mother Saliha, portrayed by Seray Gozler, his aunt Kiymet, portrayed by Binnur Kaya, and his three nephews, Fusun (Ecem Erkek), Atakan (Olgun Toker), and Aysim all share a happy household with him. Aysim was played by Olgun Toker. His mother Saliha was portrayed by Seray Gozler (Dora Dalgic).

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While everything else is going on, Mihran is in a relationship with the lovely Alya (Oya Ilogullari), who comes from a wealthy family. This is taking place while everything else is going on. He is working as a jewellery designer at Alya’s family business, which is also the name of the business. A marriage proposal to Alya is in the works, and she has already said yes.

The unexpected arrival of Selma in Güzel Günler Season 1 English Subtitle, on the other hand, brings about a tremendous disruption not just in Mihran’s life but also in the lives of his family members. It is Selma’s intention to speak with Mihran whenever she finally makes it to Istanbul at some point in the future. She goes to Atakan’s coffee shop in an attempt to provide Mihran information that is factual on the bequest, and she meets with him there. The instant she comes, everything is turned upside down and flipped completely on its head.

As Selma and Mihran spend more time together working to sell the property that they have inherited, they find themselves becoming increasingly romantically attached with one another. Their feelings for one another have been rekindled, despite the fact that they have been making every effort possible to keep away from one another.

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Forever Together (Guzel Gunler) is a Turkish television series that follows the story of Selma and Mihran, two people who were supposed to be together but are now estranged from one another as a result of a tragedy that happened in the past. Will Selma and Mihran be able to successfully sell the home that was left to them as an inheritance? Will Mihran and Alya decide to get engaged after seeing the movie Selma? in Güzel Günler Season 1 English Subtitle.

If Alya discovers that Selma was previously engaged to Mihran, what steps will she take after making this discovery? Will Selma get the opportunity to go to Istanbul with her younger sister and locate a place to live there in which they may both find happiness?

Is Altan and Atakan be able to earn a profit from the coffee business that they own together? Will it be difficult for Kismet and Hakim to get along with one another despite the fact that they run the same sort of business in the same neighbourhood? Will Fusun ever get over the fact that she and her fiancée broke up? in Güzel Günler Season 1 English Subtitle.

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