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Barbaroslar Episode 13 English Subtitles

The Barbaros brothers are back with another amazing episode this week in Barbaroslar Episode 13 English Subtitles on Osman Online, and they have the power of the Ottoman Empire behind them.

In their battle against those who persecute them, Baba Oruc and Hzr Reis will face what perils they might expect.

Oruc, Lyas, and the Levents had succeeded in seizing the ship that was transporting the cobbled balls that Kalymnos had made in preparation for the conquering of Lesbos.

Alfonso, who had introduced himself to Oruc as a merchant, suddenly revealed himself to be Pietro, the Commander of Kalymnos, who was Oruc’s sworn enemy.

Oruc had planned to foil the scheme of the Kalymnos by stealing the gold that had been stolen from the Abyssinians, but he was taken aback when Alfonso revealed himself to him in this guise.

How well do you think Pietro and Oruc will do? Will Oruc be successful in reclaiming the gold that Unita wrongfully took from the enslaved Abyssinians? After taking control of the inn, Shahbaz discovered that Sylvio had sought sanctuary in Oruc and then imprisoned him within the establishment.

When Isabel saw her father dead at the inn, she immediately thought that Shahbaz was the one responsible for his death in Barbaroslar Episode 13 English Subtitles on Osman Online.

During the time when Isabel was planning to murder Shahbaz, she thought she heard her brother’s voice.

Had her brother Shahbaz, for whom Isabel had searched for and located over the course of many years, obtained possession of it by chance?

What kind of punishments will be meted out to Shahbaz, who is planning on bringing Isabel along with him to grab whatever Oruc owns? Meryem cornered Pietro in the woods when she became aware that he was quietly reciting a prayer that she had learned by heart when she was a kid after she realised that he was mumbling it.

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She speculated that he may be their brother. When Meryem questioned Pietro how she knew this prayer, Pietro did not provide an explanation.

Instead, she attacked Meryem and then left the scene. Pietro is becoming more suspicious that he is Meryem’s brother; the question is how he will go about finding out the truth in Barbaroslar Episode 13 English Subtitles on Osman Online.

What can we expect from the next encounter between Meryem and Pietro? Hüma intimidated Firuze by threatening to use the authority of the Ottomans, who made several attempts to obstruct the business that she conducted at every available chance.

As he continues his quest for revenge, what step will Firuze take next?

Will the Emir of the Mamluks, Karabay, be able to halt Oruc, who ignored his instructions not to hold back and harmed Karabay’s image in the Mamluk regions as the shadow of the Ottoman Empire?

On the other hand, Meryem and Hzr took action based on the assumption that the parts of the map that they were unable to access were located on Lesbos in Barbaroslar Episode 13 English Subtitles on Osman Online.

This voyage that they had taken to obtain the key that would open the Mediterranean had also given birth to the first sprout of love between the two of them. Pietro, who accompanied them into these newly discovered oceans. What potential hazards may it lead to?

Will Hzr and Meryem be able to locate Piri Reis, the one who, with the light of his pen, will close the gap in the book and map in Lesbos and open the doors to the Mediterranean, which the Turks consider to be the “red apple” of the world?


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Barbaroslar Episode 13 English Subtitles
Dec. 16, 2021