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Barbaroslar Episode 20 English Subtitles

When Hizir and Piri Reis learned that Ottoman spies in Barbaroslar Episode 20 English Subtitles on Osman Online were digging a secret passage underground in Kalymnos, they devised a plan to begin the conquest with this secret passage, which they would dig under the castle together with Baba Oruc.

They believed that this passage would lead directly to the Ottoman stronghold.

Pietro, who had learnt of this plot from the spy Martin who had penetrated the Ottoman headquarters, was able to successfully detonate the spot where Piri Reis, Hzr, Niko, and their levents were by placing explosives in the passageway.

Martin had provided Pietro with this information. Will Oruc Reis be able to save his brother Hzr and his levents from certain danger?

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Will Messiah Pasha end Oruc Reis’s life, after threatening to have him beheaded if he is unsuccessful? Will Oruc Reis be successful in locating Martin, who is working as a spy among them?

When Isabel learns that her brother is a spy, what course of action will she take?
Meryem eventually came to the realisation that her brother Pietro had lied to her and been the one to stab Khidr in Barbaroslar Episode 20 English Subtitles on Osman Online.

Will Meryem, whose awareness is being slowly poisoned more and more, be able to free herself of the castle? Will Piri Reis have the ability to get revenge on Salvator, who was responsible for the deaths of the Ottoman spies?

Will Oruc Reis and his troops be successful in their attempt to capture Kalymnos despite the many challenges they face?


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Barbaroslar Episode 20 English Subtitles
Feb. 17, 2022