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Barbaroslar Episode 26 English Subtitles

Baba Oruc was getting ready to take Gabriel’s head in Barbaroslar Episode 26 English Subtitles on Osman Online after winning the duel that he and Venetian Doge Barbarigo had entered into for the conquest of Levitha Island.

At the very last second, Venetian Doge Barbarigo intervened and asked Baba Oruc to forgive Gabriel.

This caused Baba Oruc to reconsider taking Gabriel’s life. Oruc, who had previously said that he would forgive Gabriel as long as one condition was met, discovered from him that Ahbaz was the traitor in Kelemez.

Will the brothers Oruc and Hzr, who renamed the island of Levitha that they seized “Koc Baba,” be able to capture Ahbaz in Kelemez, whose treachery was exposed by Gabriel’s confession?

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What action will Messiah Pasha, who has already vouched for Shahbaz, do at this point? Will it be possible for Shahbaz in Kelemez to get away?

Will Meryem, who has realised that her suspicions were correct all along, be able to take him into custody?

fter his altercation with Oruc Reis, Lyas came to the realisation that his brother thought of him as unworthy of doing even the most menial tasks in Barbaroslar Episode 26 English Subtitles on Osman Online.

He made the decision to abandon the castle and go out to sea on his own ships with Esma. He took these ships with him. What kinds of terrible consequences will this choice bring for him and his family?


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Barbaroslar Episode 26 English Subtitles
Apr. 07, 2022