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Barbaroslar Episode 9 English Subtitles

Pietro, the commander of Kalymnos in Barbaroslar Episode 9 English Subtitles on Osman Online, who took action on the instructions of the Pope, set out to take Abu Muhammad and the secret book to Rome.

Pietro, who sailed out with a highly packed military fleet, came face to face with Baba Oruç and his levents on the island of Kerpe, and the collision was unavoidable.
Baba Oruc and the other levents, whose numbers were inadequate, were able, with the assistance of Burak Reis to stop Pietro from travelling to Rome with the book and Ebu Muhammed.

As a result, both the secret book and Ebu Muhammed were protected from Pietro.

What type of surprise greets Oruç and Hzr when they arrive in Alexandria? in Barbaroslar Episode 9 English Subtitles on Osman Online.
Which will be the site of tremendous changes with their victory? Who will it be that ushers in a new age and tests the mettle of those who are bold to their absolute limit?

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What would the Mamluk commanders say to Oruc and Hzr when they see them after their victory, which was achieved with the Ottomans’ personal assistance?
In addition, Despina, who learnt that Yorgo was slain by Isaac, accused Isabel of betraying her father’s whereabouts and fell from the steps in the conflict between them.

What is the big tragedy that will strike Despina?
Isaac murdered Yorgo to revenge his family, but will he be aware of the perils that await him?
In addition to all this, would the impediments between Hzr and the secret be removed? in Barbaroslar Episode 9 English Subtitles on Osman Online.

Who reclaimed the book? Unita, which continues its unrelenting drive to rule the whole Mediterranean.

What will the Muslims’ next action be against Muslims?
How can Isabel, who is battling to rescue her brother, support Oruç, who is in a shared combat against Unita?


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Barbaroslar Episode 9 English Subtitles
Nov. 18, 2021