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Destan Episode 12 English Subtitle

In the next episode of Destan, which has been much awaited in Destan Episode 12 English Subtitle on Osman Online, the question arises as to why Batuga, who, like his grandfather Oguz Han, was born with a blood clot in his hand and was thus paralyzed.

How did Batuga, whose name means “hidden hero,” come to be bestowed to the son of the khan, who did not get a name for many years?

What was the most difficult experience that Batuga had to go through?

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How was he able to look his father in the eye knowing that his father had slain his mother after acting as if he had lost his mind?

Who brought this tragedy onto Batuga and why?

In the upcoming 12th episode of Destan, all of these issues and their associated solutions will be addressed.


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Destan Episode 12 English Subtitle
Feb. 22, 2022