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Destan Episode 14 English Subtitle

What is the dirty little secret that Chinese Taizé is hiding? in Destan Episode 14 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Batuga and Akkz’s little nomadic tribe is raided by Alpagu Khan, who shoots Sirma and then orders an assault on their alps.

However, Batuga and Akkz are prepared for such an invasion, therefore Alpagu Khan’s assault is unsuccessful.

The Akkz, who have been known to lay ambushes on the steppe for years in order to steal from the Gok caravans, have now laid an ambush in order to protect themselves from the Gok Khanate.

Alpagu Khan is tricked into falling into this trap and is forced to negotiate with Batuga.

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However, instead of seeing this as a disadvantage, Alpagu Khan sees it as an opportunity and volunteers to be their prisoner until the negotiation requirements are completed in order to learn more about his new adversary.

This compulsory visitor kicks off a nasty battle of nerves between the father and son in the family.

Ulu Ece and Taizu are both driven to rage by the items that Batuga and Akkz seek for negotiating. The manner that he discovers is a way that not even the devil could have imagined.

This means that Batuga and Akkz are no longer on their own.


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Destan Episode 14 English Subtitle
Mar. 08, 2022