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Destan Episode 15 English Subtitle

Akkz and Batuga are unable to leave in Destan Episode 15 English Subtitle on Osman Online the mountain tribe after the epidemic of cecek begins to spread across the population of the mountain tribe.

The Mountain Obs is attacked by Balamir’s army, but Batuga refuses not release Balamir, who plans to conquer the Western Rainbow Kingdom and split the kingdom in two.

What measures will Akkz use to thwart Balamir’s plans?

The shocking revelation that is in store for Temur

Batuga and Akkz, in addition to Kün Ata, start the search for a treatment for the cechek sickness, which is wreaking havoc on the camp.

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Will they pass away? Will they continue on? Colpan Khan, whose identity is unknown, hands over the remains of Talsim Bike to Batuga.

Batuga requests Akkz to transport the battle robe and sword that belong to the talisman.

Because of this shift, Akkz and Batuga are now in closer proximity to one another in Destan Episode 15 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

However, as soon as they get closer, an unexpected visitor arrives to the camp and gives highly startling information regarding Akkz’s background, which Akkz is aware of being real.

Temur is going to be in for a rude awakening when he confronts Alpagu Han with the truth and explains it to him.


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Destan Episode 15 English Subtitle
Mar. 15, 2022