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Destan Episode 16 English Subtitle

The Gok Khanate takes a position on the Temur side of the conflict in Destan Episode 16 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Alpagu Khan declares war when Balamir and Cholpan successfully seize control of the Western Gokkhanate.

There is only one choice left after all of Alpagu Khan’s sons have deserted him and joined Balamir, and that is to go to China and seek for their help in return for salt.

The assertion made by Batuga that China would invade if the nation is split apart is shown to be accurate.

Both Akkuz and Batuga divided themselves in half in order to stop this and carry out a significant operation.

After making his decision, he takes his spot next to Batuga on Temur’s side of the battlefield.

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Akkz and Temur formed an alliance with the Sabars and then proceeded to assault all of the Gok Khanate’s salt supplies.

The tribesmen of Batuga and Saltuk, on the other hand, have been shattered by the smallpox outbreak and the salt scarcity, and Batuga and Saltuk want to use the smallpox vaccination and the promise of salt to push their tribesmen to accept peace.

Manco wants to wed Akkz as payment for the care his mother received from Akkz in Destan Episode 16 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Balamir, who plays for the khanate of the new state, is unhappy with the magnificent scheme that Akkz and Batuga have devised, and he makes up his mind to get rid of Batuga.

Will Batuga, who intends to blackmail Alpagu into meeting with the clan lords by stealing the salt that Alpagu intends to transfer to China, be successful in rescuing Balamir and informing his father Alpagu Khan of the truth?

How will Akkz react when Manco, the head of the Sabars, proposes marriage to her in the hopes of finding her mother, even though she is aware that her mother has passed away?


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Destan Episode 16 English Subtitle
Mar. 22, 2022