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Destan Episode 2 English Subtitle

In the second portion of the epic in Destan Episode 2 English Subtitle on Osman Online, Akkz throws arrows at the ruler of the Gok Khanate in an attempt to hurt him so that she might exact her vengeance on Alpagu Khan and seize the chance that she has been yearning for for many years.

Saltuk, who is sent to the Mountain Khanate to investigate who is responsible for the assault, captures Akkz as a prisoner before setting off on his mission.

In the meanwhile, Alpagu Khan is rushed to the palace.

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The fact that Alpagu Khan is close to passing away escalates the conflict for the throne that is taking place in the Gok Khanate Palace.

During the time when Kaya Tegin and Timur Tegin are arguing over who should succeed to the throne, their uncle Balamir is lying in wait for them in an ambush.

Akkz, who was transported to the palace as a prisoner, finally catches up with Batuga, a childhood friend she has not forgotten since they last saw each other.


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Destan Episode 2 English Subtitle
Nov. 30, 2021