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Destan Episode 22 English Subtitle

Alpagu Khan receives Cholpan and Balamir thanks to Akkz’s delivery in Destan Episode 22 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Akkz, who was responsible for the ambush that led to the raids on the Gok Khanate caravans, found out that the raiders were Balamir and olpan and that he was encircled by the Balamir Alps.

Akkz, who was previously trapped, breaks out of the circle and gives Balamir and Olpan to Alpagu Khan.

The light shines on the darkness that lies above the truth in Destan Episode 22 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

Will Batuga put an end to Pied’s life if he discovers that Pied is a spy? Or will he pass it over to Alpagu Han so that he may expose Ulu Ece for who he really is?

On the other hand, what kind of response do you think Akkz will have when she discovers that Alaca, whose biological mother she is familiar with, is a spy?

Great Ece had a confrontation with Mei Jin, who was accompanied by Alpagu Han.

What can Ulu Ece do to break out of this impasse and even save her own life? Will Kaya betray Ulu Ece to rescue himself?

The throne is now occupied by the Kaya Gok Khanate.

Kaya takes a breath with the return of the cruel Itbaraks and sits on the Sky Throne instead of Alpagu Khan, who goes against the enemy.

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Kaya is hurt by Temur’s confession that he had attacked the camp and slain Tutkun.

What type of manoeuvres does Kaya plan to use to rescue himself, knowing full well that the arrows will come back to him in the event that the baraks are vanquished?

Oguz Khan’s adversaries are returning in Destan Episode 22 English Subtitle on Osman Online.

The Gok Khanate, which is now being rocked by royal intrigue, is oblivious to the significant threat that is on the horizon.

The Itbaraks, whose ancestors were wiped off by Oghuz Khan in ancient times, reemerged many years later in order to exact their revenge on the Turks.

Alpagu Khan, Gok Khanate: Will he be successful in defending it against the Itbarak, who are led by the cruel Obar?

epic love

After discovering a new and dangerous foe, Alpagu Khan entrusted Akkz with the responsibility of protecting both the city of the Sky Horde and the palace until he could return personally.

What perils lie in store for Akkz on this important trip, and how will he overcome them? The cruel Itbaraks also put in jeopardy the affection that Akkz and Batuga have for one another.

The epic love that Akkz and Batuga have will be put to the test once again as a result of the choice made by Alpagu Han in Destan Episode 22 English Subtitle on Osman Online.


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Destan Episode 22 English Subtitle
May. 10, 2022