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Kurulus Osman Episode 3 English Subtitles

Osman’s path crossed with Bala Hatun, Gonca and Tursun Bey, disguised as a nun and priest, who had sneaked into the castle to find the murderer of his dear friend Aybars and to trace the murder of Tekfur in Kurulus Osman Episode 3 English Subtitles Osman Online.

Trying to blame the murder they committed on Osman, Sofia and Kalanoz had Dundar Bey’s daughter Aygül kidnapped and brought to the castle in order to reveal Osman, whom they were sure was in the castle, with a counterattack.

Dundar Bey, who took action with the news they received from Burçin, came to the castle by taking Bamsı and Samsa, two of the Kayı beys, with him.

There was another name that came to the Citadel; Effendi Yannis, whose assassination of Tekfur had failed, was now in the castle.

What will happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 3 Osman Online

Despite everything, Osman, who infiltrated the soldiers of the castle, struck Bamsı Bey, who entered the castle, and gave him a compass.

Osman, who cleverly planned what he was going to do, escaped despite being thrown into the dungeon and captured the notorious hunter Teokles, whom Sofia had followed.

Seeing Helen and Sofia running in the hallway, Kalanoz suspects that Sofia, his murder partner, is involved in something else, and chases after him.

Osman, who captured Teokles, was cut off by Akça Derviş, Pehlivan and Zülfikar Derviş of Edebalı. Bala Hatun, who came out after this trio, took Osman to Edebalı.

What will Edebalı tell Osman? What kind of plan will Zöhre and Batur make, who see Dündar, whose daughter was kidnapped, and Osman as responsible for these events? What is the big surprise waiting for Kalanoz, who is after Sofia and Helen?

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Kurulus Osman Episode 3 English Subtitles
Dec. 04, 2019