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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 105 English

Although Gustav cannot save Vladimir, he manages to acquit himself in the eyes of Abdulhamid. Selim Pasha also expelled Karaso from the palace. Abdulhamid thinks of a solution so that the British and Russians do not interfere with the railway. Zülüflü informs Zalman of Abdulhamid’s every step. Zalman’s first goal is to fail the railway project. Abdülhamid wants the railway to pass through the cities of the Turkmen and the region of those whose blood was shed in the establishment of this state. He assigns Ahmet Pasha and İsmail Hakkı for the determination of the route. A great danger awaits Ahmet Pasha and İsmail Hakkı, who are unaware of the enemy behind them.

Halil Halid has now come to the end of the road. Ferdinand is also suspicious of him. On the other hand, he has to complete his mission at the cost of his life.

Bidar is extremely upset because of Abdulhamid’s resentment towards him. Naime informs her mother that Abdulkadir has left the palace. Bidar blames himself in this case. Abdulhamid loves his wife but cannot forgive him… He experiences a dilemma. Bidar then leaves the palace…

Where are Abdulkadir and Bidar, who left the palace with great pain in their hearts as a result of Blavatsky’s plans?

Will Halil Halid finish his duty in the Balkans and reunite with his friends, and will he be able to return to Payitah?

Did Abdülhamid, who was unaware of Zalman’s plan, sent Ahmet Pasha and İsmail Hakkı to death rather than duty?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 105 English
Jan. 24, 2020