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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 110 English

Abdülhamid Oğuz gathered the tribes and determined the route of the railway. Gustav was also arrested. Gustav suggests bargaining to get free. Abdulhamid’s decision is final. Ahmet Pasha will give his punishment. However, Gustav has set up an arrangement.
Performs the make-up arrangement. The Ottoman Empire comes to the brink of war with Russia. At the same time, Maktel makes his last move. It will blow up the palace. Halil Halid has to bring peace to the streets of Payitaht before he receives the new task given by Abdulhamid. Burns, on the other hand, has a grudge against Halil Halid and his men. He ruthlessly attacks to get the money he lost. Halil captures all of Halid’s men and locks them in a stuffy room.

While Abdulkadir is trying to clear himself, his relations with his mother are strained. While Bidar is suffering from both Abdulhamid’s refusal to forgive him and his relationship with his son, Bidar learns who the guest who will come to the palace really is.
Gülcemal does not listen to Blavatsky and decides to go to Mehmet, but the price will be heavy. Abdulhamid makes a move that will give Bidar hope… Will
Bidar finally be forgiven by Abdulhamid? Will Halil Halid be able to save his men? Can Maktel be stopped before he ignites the fuse of the bomb? How will the Ottomans avoid going to war with Russia?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 110 English
Feb. 28, 2020