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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 111 English

After defeating Zalman, Abdulhamid learns who the new enemy to be sent to Payitaht is. Heckler appears before him as the British Ambassador to deliver the final blow that will destroy Abdulhamid. But this time the enemy plays their cards face up. Heckler is determined to get the railway contract to do it for the benefit of the Zionist state. There is an intelligence war between Abdulhamid and Hecler. Another aim of Heckler and his followers is to destroy Abdülhamid’s sleuthing organization. Abdulhamid gives Halil Halid a new task. Now it is Serhafiye. Along with his team, his duties are also explained.
Bidar is experiencing the pain of not being able to make Abdulhamid forgive him. Naime makes a plan to reconcile with her mother and father. Gülcemal will stay in the palace because she is pregnant. At Blavatsky’s order, he tries to find out the location of the well that leads to Yıldız Palace. When Bidar and Naime go to the society, they witness Gülcemal’s secret conversations with Blavatsky.
Will Blavatsky and Gülcemal be deciphered?
Will the ice between Abdulhamid and Bidar be thawed?
Will Halil Halid and his men find Heckler’s secret, his ultimate purpose?
Who will be the winner in the war between Abdulhamid and Heckler?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 111 English
Mar. 06, 2020