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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 115 English

Abdulhamid is saved from the trap set by Hechler, thanks to Mahmut Pasha, who confronts him at the last moment. Hechler will still detonate the dynamite, this time determined to corner Abdulhamid. Halil Halid is after the same dynamite. Zülüflü prevents the soldiers who will go to Aqaba by order of Abdulhamid. Together with Hechler, they will use the soldiers against Abdülhamid. The pashas arrested by the soldiers, the dynamite exploding in the heart of the capital, and the requirement to re-enact the legal principle that Hechler brought before Abdülhamid…

Naime learns that the woman named Zişan is the mistress of Zekiye Sultan’s husband. Bidar warns Naime not to get involved in this issue. However, the apocalypse breaks out between the two brothers.

On the one hand, Blavatsky is after activating the biological weapon and starting an epidemic in Payitaht, on the other hand, he is trying to damage the reputation of the dynasty by showing Zekiye Sultan as the murderer of Zişan, who died in the laboratory.

Will Blavatsky be able to bring his treacherous plans to life?

Will Abdulhamid be able to get out of the pressure he fell into? Will the Act enact the Fundamentals?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 115 English
Apr. 03, 2020