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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 118 English

The reforms made by Abdülhamid in Rumeli disrupt Hechler’s plan. Hechler realizes that while Abdulhamid is alive, he will not be able to break up the Ottoman Empire. He has a professional assassin brought in to kill Abdulhamid. Halil Halid, who learns Hechler’s intention, informs Abdulhamid about the situation. Abdulhamid does not have the assassin arrested. He will shoot Hechkler with his own gun.

Goldsmith also arranges independently of Hechler. He, too, will attack Abdulhamid, and if Hechler fails in his move, he will garner the praise of his supporters. He also uses Abdulkadir’s good intentions. It pulls him into his treacherous trap. Zülüflü Ismail has recovered, but his heart is still offended by Abdülhamid because he thinks he had his son killed. Hechler prepared documents that would put the Ottomans in trouble at Zülüflü’s court. This time, he thinks that he will definitely defeat Abdulhamid.

Although Zekiye’s return comforts those in the palace, Abdulhamid, who learned what happened, is determined to break the hands reaching out to his daughter. Marco begins to be sought everywhere. Meziyet and Abdulkadir’s wedding preparations continue. But it is still unclear who the traitor in the palace is. Bidar’s suspicions about Gülcemal increase with each passing day. He asks her to confront him with the evidence he finds and tell the truth. Blavatsky also threatens Gulcemal against the possibility of giving his name. If she speaks, she will have her husband Mehmet killed in Paris. Gülcemal is in a big dilemma.

When Gülcemal is torn between her conscience and her beloved, what choice will she make, how will she find a way out of this duality? Will Zülüflü take the side of Hechler against Abdülhamid? Who will be the winner this time in the fight between Abdulhamid and Hechler?

The answers to all these questions are in the 118th episode of Payitaht Abdulhamid

Payitaht Abdulhamid: Episode 118 English Subtitles – OsmanOnline

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 118 English
Jun. 26, 2020