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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 12 English

Payitaht gets mixed up. The Armenian people were provoked and taken to the streets. The target of the gangs is a big attack on the Ottoman Bank and the idea of ​​tearing the state apart! Sultan Abdulhamid is aware of the great game played against the State. He’s making a big move that will disrupt the game of the Global Monarchy. The traitor team inside; Mahmut Pasha, Basil Zaharoff and Theodor Herzl hope for help from the blood they shed in Payitaht for their ambitions. Their new plan is to hope that Payitaht will be occupied by the European states, under the pretext of the confusion they have caused in the city! The foreign ships, which took action when the Armenian mercenaries started to demonstrate, are coming to Payitaht at full speed. The mystery of victory… How will the trouble of the state affect the people of the harem? Now there is anxiety in the corridors of the Palace, where intrigues are rampant. Because nothing is more important than the survival of the state. For this reason, the Sultans are ready to do their part for their state… Bidar Kadın and Seniha Sultan invite surprise names to the Palace. Ömer’s anger increases with the bank raid. We will witness how Ömer, who undertakes a great task for the state by the order of the Sultan, is blinded by Melike and Zeynep, who will be in the middle of the plans of the traitors on the other side!

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 12 English
May. 19, 2017