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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 121 English

Returning from the Thessaloniki mission unsuccessfully, Zülüflü İsmail, Ahmet and Selim Pasha are interrogated on the orders of Abdülhamid. Abdulhamid is determined to find the pasha who betrayed him to his state. One of the palace clerks knows who the treacherous pasha is after Abdülhamid. Will he tell that name to Sultan Abdulhamid? Increasing enigmas make it difficult for Abdulhamid to make a decision. Despite the detonated warehouses and factories, the Aqaba railway should be built. The solution Abdulhamid found is to buy Fernandes’ factory. Hechler anticipates Abdulhamid’s only way of salvation and offers Fernandes another deal to prevent it.
While Abdulhamid makes his moves to take the factory, he also makes an arrangement to find the treacherous pasha.

Eşref Aziz comes to Payitaht both to find healing for his son’s problem and to avenge the explosions. Mika, who learns that Eşref Aziz has come to Payitaht, lures him into a trap. The path of Eşref Aziz, who is chasing the wrong person, crosses with the people of Söğüt.

Aliye’s reckless act in the charity they have done for their father brings Bidar and Fatma face to face again. Aliye also sold the items that were inherited from her father. While Fatma is trying to get the items back, Ahmet Pasha appears in front of her. He got the things. Will Fatma be able to get her father’s belongings back from Ahmet Pasha? The tension between Bidar and Fatma continues to escalate. Thinking that they will be expelled from the palace as a result of Fatma’s actions, how will Aliye find a way to stay in the palace?

Will Abdulhamid be able to persuade Fernandes to sell his factory for the construction of the rails to be used on the railway? Will Eşref Aziz be able to find what he hoped for in Payitaht? Will Abdulhamid be able to expose the traitor Pasha with his scheme?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 121 English
Oct. 16, 2020