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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 122 English

The investigation report of the car detonated in front of the palace is brought to Abdülhamid. It is unclear whether the body belongs to Hechler. The British declare to Abdülhamid that the documents have been completed for Hechler to be envoy again, and that the Ottomans committed a war crime by killing the ambassador. In order not to announce the event to the public, the British set one condition for the palace: the withdrawal of the Ottomans from Aqaba… Sultan Abdulhamid, who is confident in himself, sets up a game to reveal Hechler again. He performs a violin concert in the palace at a party attended by journalists. Söğütlü and his team, assigned to protect Artin, learn that Eşref Aziz is an unconventional fighter. The people of Söğüt take Eşref Aziz out of the prison they had thrown. However, on the other hand, the key names of the three, Zakaryan and Tatavlali Eşref Aziz, are trapped in order to kill them. Abdulhamid’s well-meaning attitude is not enough to change Fatma’s negative thoughts about him. Bidar’s extreme measures overwhelm everyone. Bidar’s suspicions increase when Fatma starts walking around the harem with a dagger on her waist. Who will be right when Bidar and Fatma face off in the presence of Abdulhamid? Will Eşref Aziz be able to get out of the trap?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 122 English
Oct. 23, 2020