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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 English

He dealt a blow to the masons by revealing Abdulhamid Hechler. Abdulhamid’s next plan is to prevent the Masons from meeting to become a grand lodge. Abdulhamid’s suspicion is not only on Zülüflü. Ahmet Pasha is also added to the suspected pashas. Chief Mabeyinci Tahsin Pasha tries to find the Masonic Pasha with his own methods. The Zakarians’ pursuit and murder of Artin makes Ashraf Aziz think. He is determined to learn about Zakaryan’s dominions and his plans. Ashraf Aziz, who examines Zakaryan’s places, encounters a completely different world. He is included in the games they set up.

Bidar increases the precautions in the harem. Even though Meriziyet doesn’t want it at all, she has to get away from Abdulkadir. Abdulkadir comes face to face with his mother, whom he sees as responsible for this. Although Bidar cannot prove it, he is sure that Fatma is a traitor. He struggles to disrupt his game, to find out his intentions. Fatma finally receives the news she has been waiting for. Now he will be able to restore his father’s reputation and put his uncle Abdulhamid in trouble. However, Fatma has to get past Bidar in order to reach the evidence she wants. This is not easy either. Aliye’s plan is different. Will Bidar’s nightmare that he sees being killed come true? Will Abdulhamid finally learn the Mason Pasha he is looking for?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 English
Oct. 30, 2020