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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 124 English

Together with the note from the clerk’s bag, the evidence about the mason Pasha once again shows Ahmet Pasha. Based on the statements of Zülüflü, Abdülhamid continues to play his game. Sultan Abdulhamid is now looking for definitive proofs of Ahmet Pasha’s betrayal. The Sultan, who will allow the Masons to gather, wants to see if the Pasha who attended the meeting is Ahmet Pasha. The Sultan, who ordered the meeting to be raided, wants both to find the traitor Pasha and to expose the masons.
Eşref Azizler, who found the trace of Leon through the Constantinople company, realizes that they want to seize the labor society through Leon. Eşref Aziz wants to play this plan according to their game. Leon pays workers and people debts over bets in Payitaht. The one who will say stop to Leon is Eşref Aziz. Kasgarlı Nadir Bey, who is adept at fighting, comes to the ring, so Eşref Aziz aims to disrupt the arrangements they have made over the bets.
Fatma prevents her brother Aliye from making a big mistake, but she can’t escape from Bidar Sultan’s eyes. Although Bidar cannot prove it, he is sure that Fatma is a traitor. In the end, he finds the evidence that proves it. The reports Stefano gave to Fatma fall into the hands of Bidar. Stefona offers Fatma to join the front they set up against Abdülhamid.
Will Fatma accept this offer?
Will Bidar Sultan finally be able to expose Fatma’s betrayal?
Will Abdulhamid be able to drop the masks on the faces of the masons and find the traitor Pasha he is looking for?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 124 English
Nov. 06, 2020