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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 126 English

With the game of Mason Pasha, Abdülhamid is about to be given lethal injection. Ahmet Pasha tries to prevent this situation by sending news to the palace, but he cannot act fast enough. One of the courtiers, who do not trust the medicine in the needle enough, makes a sacrifice and allows the needle to be tried on himself. While Abdulhamid is slowly recovering, the person who protects him will gradually approach death. Thanks to the news he sent, Ahmet Pasha opens the way to regain trust in Abdulhamid’s eyes. Abdulhamid now doubts that another pasha is a mason.

Eşref Aziz and his team disrupt the game that is intended to be played over the labor society and prevent the workers from borrowing. Unable to keep his promise to Hechler, Mika calls Tatavlalı and Zakarian to account. Mika’s plan is bigger now. Those who are disturbed by the success of Eşref Aziz, who is an unconventional fighter, have him assigned a new task. While death and betrayal are rife in the palace, Meziyet comes to the palace to be with Abdulkadir in his difficult days. But he regrets coming.

Abdulkadir will have to choose between his love and his family. Aliye makes a sneaky plan to convince Fatma, who is skeptical of her, and to cover up her talks with Stefano.

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 126 English
Nov. 20, 2020