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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 15 English

In the finale of the episode aired last week, Abdülhamid, who had a big confrontation with his older brother Sultan Murad, who has been on the throne for a long time by foreign powers, wanted him to pull the trigger either to his own head or against him with the gun he held out to him, and to put an end to these demonstrations. What will happen in this dangerous and great confrontation? We’ll see this week! Echoes of war bells are beginning to be heard all around, but the main sound has not yet emerged. Sultan Abdulhamid will do whatever it takes to keep the state alive and united against a possible war. A state that defies centuries should not be so helpless as to bow to the enemy. How will Abdulhamid create the grand scheme of the war? We’ll be watching this week. On the one hand, Makbule’s letter, On the one hand, with the Sabahattin issue, the harem is on the verge of a great turmoil. Seniha and Bidar’s endless war is getting hotter. After the letter issue, another blow will come to Bidar with a mistake made by his brother Mehmet Pasha. Hatice does not want to leave her love, which is doomed to be lost in intrigues. Naime, on the other hand, dreams of meeting Kemalettin’s love. Sultan Abulhamid invites both of them to his side. And with this meeting, the final decision is now made. Omar, who missed Hiram many times, is embarrassed in front of the Sultan. Omar, who does not do his best for his state, can not talk about his love, on the other hand. But he is not the only one who can not say a word to his love, Ömer is faced with the confession of a surprise love that he never expected. A dead end awaits Ömer. While the world is on the brink of a great war, Basil Zaharoff is inevitably assigned a critical role. Zaharoff, who has the power to even affect the direction of the war, tries to show Sultan Abdulhamid the wrong way, but does not take the Sultan’s political intelligence into account.

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 15 English
Jun. 09, 2017