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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 17 English

While cleaning the betrayal around him, Sultan Abdulhamid prepares the state for war. At the same time, he knows that he has to master the foreign state balances with his fine politics. The main target is clear; An Ottoman who will become a Shah against the Greek, whom the British put forward as a pawn… The knot of betrayal has been unraveled… While Mahmud Pasha is walking to the gallows step by step, his family is being dragged after him. Seniha Sultan falls into a difficult situation when her husband’s betrayal and the brooch she wears are exposed by Bidar Sultan. The Hünkar has nothing to hide but his mercy.

Sabahattin is struggling for both his mother and father. Either he will save them both, or he will perish with them both. However, Abdulkadir does his best to ensure justice. In this war, where a Prince and a Pashazade are at odds, the outcome is a mystery! Ömer cannot prevent Yusuf, whom he knows as his brother, from being drawn to the side of the oppressors. When he saw the money, Yusuf, forgetting everything that was left behind, came to the point where he could even crush Ömer. Will Ömer be able to bear to see Yusuf with the cruel? Theodor Herzl is determined to find his father.

Hünkar will keep Theodor Herzl in his hand as long as he keeps Jacob Herzl under his protection. Herzl has to put an end to this. He cannot reach his ideals with such shackles on his feet. Sara Hedaya and Emanuel Karaso’s dreams of escaping Payitaht fall victim to the target of a gun. And one of the lovers dies and leaves forever…

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 17 English
Jun. 23, 2017