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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 19 English

The giant production Payitaht Abdulhamid, produced by ES Film, locks the audience on the TRT1 screen with its exciting episodes on Friday evenings… In the 19th episode of the series directed by Emre Konuk; The enemy infiltrating the palace discusses an interesting deal with Sultan Abdulhamid that will stop the minds, the sneaky trap prepared for the Sultan and the hunt for spies with plenty of action will bring the excitement to the peak. What will happen in the Friday evening episode of Payitaht Abdulhamid, whose script was written by Ayça Mutlugil and Hale Çalap? While Abdulhamid was hosting Parvus in his Palace, not knowing that he was his enemy, he defeated the agents after them with Murad Söğütlü and succeeded in bringing the oil map to Payitaht. But their work isn’t over yet. They have to catch the agents who spread to Payitaht. Murad, While trying to decipher the codes in the books to locate the agents, he is quite impressed by the beauty of Ahsen. Selim Pasha, who was called to the Palace by the order of Abdülhamid, causes the balance in the palace to be re-established. The arrival of Selim Pasha causes controversy both in the harem and in the temple. Mahmud Pasha enters into a new game to return to the palace and regain his power. Seniha Sultan is obliged to fulfill Mahmud Pasha’s wishes for her son. Meanwhile, Bidar comes face to face with the Sultan, but at the same time finds a supporter he never expected… Abdulhamid receives the information that his enemies will make an alliance to take action against him, but the meeting places are unknown. While Parvus was distributing duties to Abdulhamid and his supporters on the way to end the caliphate, Murad found their place and said, Will he be able to unmask his enemies? Will Firuze be able to reach her goal as she glides like a snake through the corridors of the Palace to avenge her mother? And will Abdulhamid fall into the trap of his masked enemy Parvus?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 19 English
Oct. 06, 2017