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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 21 English

Abdülhamid sends Mahmut from his presence once again, but Mahmut does not give up. He continues to cooperate with Parvus and to set up games to return to his old dignified days. Seniha Sultan and Sabahattin, who took part in these plays, eventually find themselves in front of Abdulhamid.

Murad and Söğütlü manages to save Selim Pasha and his daughter Dilşad from the trap of the agents. But the intelligence they receive puts them on a more challenging mission. In this task, they get the greatest help from Ahsen. Ahsen may be running to her death unknowingly as she leaves the translation room and chases agents on the streets.

Firuze tries every way to take her revenge on Bidar Sultan and to enter the heart of Prince Abdulkadir. Abdulhamid becomes aware of Bidar Sultan’s momentary heedlessness thanks to him. While the weight of his sister Seniha Sultan’s betrayal has not yet been lifted, Abdülhamid is shaken this time by the betrayal of his wife Bidar Sultan.

Parvus has unleashed his insidious and poisonous agents on the streets of Payitaht. The streets of Payitaht are no longer eerie because of the agents under Marco’s command.

Another hand of Parvus is in the Palace. Using Mahmut, he manages to corner Şehzade Abdülkadir. Abdulkadir’s mistake, or will Herzl open the gates of Jerusalem?

While Hatice Sultan was waiting with great hope for Kemalettin to talk to Sultan Abdulhamid, Osman Pasha came between the two lovers. Sultan Abdulhamid, who learns that Hatice has fallen into bed with her troubles, asks Hatice what she wants…

Will Hatice Sultan be able to say her love in front of Naime Sultan and Kemalettin’s eyes?

Gerfand manages to break free from Marco’s captivity. He dodges the agents after him at the cost of his life, and reaches the Palace. But will he succeed in confronting Abdulhamid?

The answer to all questions is at Payitaht Abdulhamid on TRT1 on Friday evening!

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 21 English
Oct. 20, 2017