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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 26 English

The period drama Payitaht Abdulhamid, produced by ES Film and watched with admiration on TRT1 screens on Friday evenings, will be on the screen with its 26th episode on Friday, 24 November.

In the new episode of the series, which will be published this week, where the history pages are embroidered in every episode and which fascinates the audience; It will be explained how the balance of the Payitaht and the Palace was deteriorated with the life risk that Sultan Abdulhamid went through and how he came to the brink of a great war…

In this week’s episode of Payitaht Abdulhamid, directed by Emre Konuk and scripted by Ayça Mutlugil, Hale Çalap and Hamza Akyıldız. what will happen:

Hope for Sultan Abdulhamit is running out. While Bidar Sultan is in great grief, he makes a decision that will drive Parvus and the Americans mad with anger.

The fact that Abdulhamid is on his deathbed plays into the hands of the enemy. On the one hand, America begins preparations for war against the Ottoman Empire. On the other hand, Mahmut Pasha, who is included in his treacherous plans, prepares Prince Abdulkadir to enthrone with the order of Parvus.

In addition to all these, another war is breaking out inside the Palace. The person who left a threatening note to Firuze tells Bidar her true identity. Firuze goes crazy and gives Bidar the love letter that Hatice wrote to Kemalettin.

The people read in the newspapers that Abdulkadir would ascend to the throne, and while things were raging, Murad, Söğütlü and Ahsen try to find the name behind the poisoning incident and all this counterfeit. Meanwhile, they will get the shock of their lives with what they find!

What will happen when Firuze’s true identity is revealed?

How will Hatice and Kemalettin come out of the fire that Firuze has thrown them into for revenge?

If Abdulhamid recovers, will he be able to stop the war and forgive his son’s betrayal?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 26 English
Nov. 24, 2017