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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 28 English

The execution was carried out by order of Abdülhamid; Seniha Sultan is also scorched by the pain of Mahmud Pasha… Another “fire” in the harem falls on Naime’s heart: Kemalettin Pasha has been arrested! Moreover, Pasha is in the same ward with a notorious criminal who is burning with the fire of revenge against him!

Still, life goes on, State affairs are going on… While Abdulhamid almost expropriated all of the oil lands and bought them to the Treasury-i Hassa, Parvus goes crazy with this move of his… He gets along with Karaso and Herzl and provokes the youth in Payitaht against Abdülhamid. He allows them to walk to his palace.

Parvus has a terrible plan to spread the news to the world that Abdulhamid has poisoned some young people! Abdulhamid investigates the truth behind hundreds of young people being hospitalized and some of them lost their lives, and learns from the doctors that the reason for this is the cholera epidemic. While Abdulhamid is trying to cope with the epidemic and save people’s lives, he also brings his family to Istanbul to reveal the true identity of Gerfand (Parvus), whom he has suspected for a long time.

On the other hand, Hatice is making preparations to run away with Kemalettin, who will have to leave her Pasha duty and Naime because she has been thrown into the dungeon.

Will Kemalettin Pasha survive the attack in the dungeon and be able to meet Hatice?

How will Selim Pasha, Naime and hundreds of young people, who are on their deathbed due to the cholera epidemic, get rid of this disease whose cure has not yet been discovered?

Will Parvus, who is unaware that Abdülhamid brought the real Gerfand’s family, will be revealed in the presence of the sultan?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 28 English
Dec. 08, 2017