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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 30 English

The capture of Parvus awakens the whole world. With the cooperation of Vladimir, Karaso and Herzl, riots occur in Payitaht. Sultan Abdulhamid had to deal with both the pressures of foreign countries and the merchants and non-Muslim subjects who revolted inside.

While Naime Sultan was waiting for Kemalettin to recover; It is impossible to contain Hatice, who is worried about Kemalettin’s life. Osman Pasha comes to Mahmud Pasha’s door to talk to Hatice Sultan, who shot her son. Seniha Sultan will no longer be able to prevent this love from being learned. Because even though Kemalettin said that he shot himself accidentally, everyone, especially Sultan Abdülhamid, understood that there was another perpetrator behind this strange shooting.

Abdulkadir, whose palace confinement is over, struggles to find a trace of Firuze. Firuze also tries to reach Abdulkadir. But it is not possible to overcome the Bidar Sultan obstacle between them.
Vladimir interrupts the death order of Mahmud Pasha, who broke the game he set up with Herzl to put the merchants in trouble. When Mahmud Pasha learns of the trap set for him, it is too late for everything.
Tahsin Pasha says goodbye to his mother in the village and sets off for Istanbul, but it will not be easy for him to meet his beloved sultan.
Sultan Abdulhamid gave the duty of opening the Dersaadet Trade Center to the merchant İbrahim Efendi, who resisted the wind of rebellion Herzl tried to blow.
This time, the betrayal of one of his pashas hits Sultan Abdulhamid in the house of his soul, which he never expected. The rope that Parvus wears around his neck is wrapped around his own feet.

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 30 English
Dec. 15, 2017