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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 31 English

Sultan Abdulhamid; While he is having Parvus executed, he is unaware that Tahsin Pasha is “at the end of the rope” on the “opposite front”. A development/a victory to be experienced will perhaps bring with it a disaster… Moreover, it is not only the life of Tahsin Pasha that is in danger, but the throne of Sultan Abdulhamid!

Sultan Abdulhamid is about to be accused of genocide and declared a war criminal based on the documents and evidence seized and fictionalized…

On the other hand, Hatice, who shot Kemalettin, is brought before Sultan Abdulhamid by the guards. Bidar Sultan learned about the relationship between Hatice and Kemalettin. While the apocalypse is breaking out in the Harem, Mahmud Pasha says the only way to calm things down: Hatice will be married to Vasfi immediately!

Firuze, on the other hand, stays in an inn, penniless and devastated. While Abdülkadir learns Firuze’s location and goes to her, the duo are unaware of the deadly disaster awaiting them…

Will Firuze and Abdülkadir pay for their love with their lives?

Will Kemalettin be able to stop the marriage of Hatice and Vasfi, which he was aware of at the last moment?

Will Sultan Abdülhamid pay the price for his decision to have Parvus executed, with the life of his friend Tahsin Pasha and his own conviction, accusing him of genocide?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 31 English
Dec. 29, 2017