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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 32 English

Sultan Abdulhamid gives a heavy response to Herzl, who wants land from Jerusalem. While Herzl’s hatred for Sultan Abdülhamid is reinforced, another enemy, Parvus, continues his treacherous plans.

While Sultan Abdulhamid was establishing a new army to strengthen the Ottoman Empire, he also plans to establish a partnership with the German Emperor Wilhelm. Parvus takes action to disrupt the Ottoman-German alliance. The animosity that started with the attempt of a German soldier to burn the Ottoman flag, whom Parvus took to his side, extends until Murad’s soldier was shot and captured and a crisis broke out between the two countries.

While Hatice is extremely unhappy in her marriage with Vasfi, Kemalettin aims to make Naime happy by burying his own pain in his heart.

Bidar Sultan no longer trusts Kemalettin, whom he learned about his relationship with Hatice. Will Bidar Sultan, who is trying to prevent not only Naime but also Abdulkadir from being together with Firuze, will be able to turn his children back from their wrong choices?

As Sultan Abdulhamid is about to resolve the political crisis with the Germans, he is faced with another terrible plan, this time by Parvus. Will Sultan Abdulhamid be able to thwart this deadly move?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 32 English
Jan. 05, 2018