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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 34 English

Sultan Abdulhamid, unaware that there were civilian Jews in it, ordered the bombing of the Russian ship, Parvus is waiting to serve this massacre to the world.

Hüseyin Pasha proved Mahmud Pasha’s treachery and gave an arrest warrant.

Dilshad’s admiration for Herz draws him into a betrayal. Parvus manages to lure Wilhelm to his side against Sultan Abdulhamid with the clue given by Dilşad. Learning of the alliance of the two, Sultan Abdulhamid plans against Parvus through Murad.

Firuze, who settled in the palace, disregards the rules in the harem. Bidar Sultan makes a plan to reveal the true face of Firuze. Hatice, on the other hand, sets fire to the mansion just when Naime comes to visit her.

While the mansion is engulfed in flames, will Hatice and Naime be able to survive the fire?

Will Bidar Sultan succeed in separating Firuze from Abdulkadir?

Will Murad be able to catch Parvus?

And who will be the surprise name that Wilhelm, who went to the side of the traitors, appointed the head of the railway company and brought before Sultan Abdulhamid?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 34 English
Jan. 19, 2018