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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 35 English

When Parvus can’t get out of the hole he’s hiding in, he brings Karaso in front of him to defeat Abdulhamid.

Abdulhamid needs money to take the decision shares in the railway and oil agreement. Parvus first blocks the money that Abdulhamid is waiting for. Abdulhamid tries to find another way. This time Parvus puts Hussein forward. With his help, he defeats Abdulhamid’s expectations. However, Mahmud Pasha took a precaution to bring Hüseyin Pasha’s thread to the market.

Kemalettin and Vasfi manage to save Naime and Hatice from the fire, risking their lives. Even though Hatice reaches her goal and returns to the Palace, she cannot find peace. This time he himself falls into the well he dug to get rid of Vasfi.

Abdulhamid, with his diplomatic genius, succeeds in disrupting Wilhelm’s plan for Jerusalem.

Abdulkadir’s move to win his father’s favor and show that he is working causes irreparable harm.

Dilşad tries to escape when he realizes that Murad is suspicious of him. But this time it falls into Vladimir’s hands.

Firuze, unaware of the trap Bidar Sultan has set for her, is playing sultan in the Palace. This time it will not be easy for him to hide his true face and deceive Abdulkadir.

Will Abdulhamid be able to save the future of his nation, which he cares more about than anything else, Dilşad’s life, and Abdulkadir’s honor?

The answers to all these questions are on TRT1 screens on Friday, January 26th!

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 35 English
Jan. 26, 2018