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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 36 English

While Abdulhamid is in amazement and anger about the counter move made by Duyun-u Umumiye, he learns that the incident was because of Abdulkadir and goes crazy.

Abdulkadir’s actions are now overflowing, and in the end, Abdulhamid takes his son away from the Palace. Abdulkadir’s departure from the Palace and his disappearance creates an earthquake effect. Bidar Sultan is in a state of curiosity and concern. He begs Abdulhamid to find his son and call him back. However, Abdulhamid is determined.

Parvus and Karaso are happy to have won a victory against Abdülhamid. Now is the time to take a bigger step. Parvus puts into action a plan that will bring the end of Abdulhamid.

Will Hatice say goodbye to her great love forever as she goes to her new post with Vasfi?

While Abdulkadir is trying to build a new life for himself, he is unaware of the mysterious men after him. What danger awaits Abdulkadir this time?

When Abdülhamid leaves the Palace with Parvus’s game, he falls in the middle of two different assassination plans. Who will be shot when the guns go off?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 36 English
Feb. 02, 2018