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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 39 English

Abdulhamid goes mad with anger after the attack on the harem. He orders Hüseyin Pasha to be found immediately. The penalty for such treason is death!

Bidar Sultan cannot believe the treachery committed by his brother. He asks Abdulkadir to find his uncle. Having learned this, Seniha Sultan reports the situation to Sultan Abdulhamid. Bidar Sultan is looking for his brother to be kidnapped!

There is great activity inside and outside the palace. While the journals about all the Pashas are being collected, Abdulhamid assigns Murad to destroy all the organizations on the streets of Payitaht.

Parvus, on the other hand, gave the order for Murad’s death. While Murad is about to be shot, Ahsen is shot. Blinded by the fire of revenge, Murad falls into Parvus’ trap and shoots someone else, not the one who shot Ahsen. Because of the person he shot, it causes an international crisis and Murad is sentenced to death.

Will the lives of Ahsen and Murad, who are preparing to unite their lives, end together?

Will Kemalettin be able to save Hatice, who was kidnapped by the Duyun gang?

Will Huseyin Pasha be reached first by Bidar Sultan or Abdulhamid?

What will Abdulhamid do when he finds out about his wife’s move on Hüseyin Pasha?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 39 English
Feb. 23, 2018