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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 41 English

Meyid tells Abdulhamid about the safe, which is full of Parvus’ secrets. While Vladimir was dying, he gave the key of this secret safe to Meyid, thus the communication network that Parvus established with his agents was reached.

Realizing that Parvus is communicating in encrypted form through a foreign postal agency, Abdülhamid tries to decipher the codes and uncover the treacherous plans for his state.

On the other hand, Parvus is preparing to start a great rebellion that will create a historical massacre.

Fehim Pasha, who pursues the opium trade in Payitaht, acts against Abdülhamid’s orders. Realizing this, Meyid begins to suspect Fehim Pasha.

When Selim Pasha sees the letters taken from his daughter’s tombstone in the Palace, he falls into Herzl’s trap and makes sure that one of the Pashas ordered his daughter’s death. In order to ensure justice, he enters a great race with Mahmud Pasha for the position of Grand Vizier.

Efsun’s plan worked and Bidar Sultan intended to marry Pakize to Abdulkadir. However, in the meantime, Sabahattin’s marriage proposal to Pakize causes confusion.

Will Pakize marry Sabahattin or Abdulkadir?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 41 English
Mar. 09, 2018