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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 42 English

Sultan Abdulhamid, with his sharp intelligence, disrupted Parvus’ game and prevented a great massacre from happening.

Meanwhile, ‘Desert Fox’ Gertrude Bell, who has just arrived from England to Payitaht, appears before Abdülhamid. She asks for permission to dig in Ottoman lands. However, the young woman has a big plan to end Abdulhamid’s caliphate.

While Mahmud Pasha and Selim Pasha were in the race for the Grand Viziership, Sabahattin and Abdulkadir were in the race to persuade Pakize to marry.

Parvus prepares a plan to trap Fehim Pasha, whom he is after.

Will Fehim Pasha be able to escape from Parvus’ trap?

What will Vasfi Pasha do after learning the feelings of Hatice and Kemalettin for each other?

Will Abdulhamid unmask the fake Sayyid, the partner of Bell’s plan, who provoked the Islamic world about himself?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 42 English
Mar. 16, 2018