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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 43 English

Abdülhamid checkmate Parvus not only at the chess table, but also in all his political moves, and Parvus is getting more and more sharp.

While Parvus continues his game over the Russians and Bulgarian gangs, this time he will put Abdülhamid and the Ottoman Empire into an international crisis.

On the other hand, Gertrude Bell thinks that in order for the Arab Civilization to rise, they should be independent from the Ottoman Empire. He secretly starts a strategic war against Abdülhamid.

Fehim Pasha, while trying to stop the opium trade in Payitaht, encounters a shocking betrayal.

The waters between Bidar Sultan and Seniha Sultan are not calming down. Seniha Sultan ensures that Mehmet Selim and his wife Handan come to the Palace. This move of his will upset Abdulkadir and Bidar Sultan as he planned.

Russian ships entered the Ottoman waters, everything is working as Parvus planned… It seems very difficult for Abdulhamid to prevent the crisis that will arise this time.

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 43 English
Mar. 23, 2018