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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 45 English

Abdulhamid once again foils Parvus’ plan and ensures that the Arab students survive the bomb attack. However, Gertrude Bell turns this situation in her favor and continues to instill separatist ideas by telling the students the lie that Abdulhamid was the one who wanted to have them killed.

Having a great grudge against Abdülkadir, Sabahattin makes a move that will disgrace him from the sultan’s eyes. This event will cause Bidar and Seniha to come apart.

Mehmet Selim has met Efsun, who looks like his great love from the past. Handan looks for ways to keep Efsun away from her husband and Saray.

On the other hand, Fehim Pasha is about to reach the source of the drug that spread death to Payitaht. However, she encounters an unexpected move.

While Parvus plans a coup, Abdülhamid takes action to open factories to develop the country. Learning of this situation, Parvus prepares a new trap for Abdulhamid and presents two options.

Abdulhamid will either give up the factories or give way to the opium trade.

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 45 English
Apr. 06, 2018