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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 47 English

While Abdülhamid is getting sick with the effect of the poisonous dust in the chest that Parvus gave him, Parvus is getting closer to his goal. Pavrus, in cooperation with Gertrude Bell, accelerates the attempt to dethrone Abdulhamid. In addition, Parvus, who took Sabahattin to his side, will lead to a growing relationship between Mahmud Pasha and his son.

Just as Parvus had planned, the army took off, all of them came out of their barracks to take Abdulhamid down!.. A ship is waiting in the Bosphorus, and if “Abdülhamid resists leaving his throne”, the Palace will be fired along with its contents.
While Bidar and the people in the harem are unaware of this great danger and are grieving for Abdulhamid’s illness, Handan loses her baby after her argument with Efsun. Can Handan, who lost her baby, prevent Mehmet Selim and Efsun from getting closer?

When Mahmud Pasha realizes that his son is in a great betrayal, will he betray him?

What will Abdulhamid do in the face of this great upheaval he faces?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 47 English
Apr. 20, 2018