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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 51 English

Abdülhamid tries to find out which of the Pashas under his command cooperates with the Masons. Parvus, who is thought to be dead, sends news to the Governor of Tabriz and demands that the Azerbaijani Turks be persecuted and imprisoned. Thus, he would start a war between Iran and the Ottoman Empire and put Abdulhamid in a difficult situation.

Abdülhamid sends the Meyyit and Söğütlü regiments to Iran. Parvus spreads a false rumor that Abdülhamid will cut civil servants’ salaries for war expenses and encourages the officers to rebel.

Fehim Pasha starts an operation to close all casinos in Payitaht.
Kemalettin escapes from the dungeon with the help of a soldier and wants to take Hatice with him. Hatice refuses, but Kemalettin cuts off the car with Hatice, which is on its way to Fizan!

Bidar thinks that Seniha played a role in the escape of Kemalettin and Hatice. While storms break out between the two women, another storm shows its effect on Handan, Efsun front. Efsun learns that Handan is not pregnant and tells Mehmet Selim the terrible truth about his wife.

Abdülkadir, who took Mislimelek with him, while hunting in the forest, sees Hatice and Kemalettin who are hiding. The bullet of the gun that exploded in the fight between the two men hits one of them!

Officers caught in Parvus’s trap walk into the garden of the Palace with their resignation petitions in their hands… While Abdülhamid comes face to face with the officers who have been filled against him, Parvus puts his terrifying plan into action to destroy the entire dynasty.

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 51 English
May. 18, 2018