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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 54 English

The biggest assassination will be arranged for the destruction of Abdulhamid and Dynasty. Will Abdulhamid and Hanedan survive this assassination? Who will win? Who will end? We will watch!

Produced by ES Film, directed by Emre Konuk, and written by Uğur Uzunok, Ayça Mutlugil, Hale Çalap and Hamza Akyıldız, Payitaht Abdülhamid’s season finale will be full of surprises to be released this week: What will happen in the season finale of

Osman Pasha ? Saddened, Abdülhamid guesses that Parvus had a hand in the disappearance of Murat V. He finally finds the solution he is looking for to end his treacherous games.

Meanwhile, the preparations for the culus ceremony continue at full speed. Bidar, who learns that Bedrifelek will come to the ceremony at the invitation of Seniha, decides to go to the palace for good.

Fehim Pasha has a big surprise for Luke, who declared his kingdom in Payitaht because Fehim Pasha died.

After all the hardships experienced, there is no longer any obstacle between Hatice and Kemalettin. But this time, their own conscience will come between them.

Seniha is devastated when she learns that Sabahattin is collaborating with the enemy against the Dynasty.

While Abdulhamid is getting closer to solving Parvus’ plan, Parvus gets a hit. His main plan is different and Abdulhamid is helpless this time.

While Bidar is leaving the Palace, unaware of the danger that awaits him on the way, the arrangement created by Parvus prepares the end for Abdülhamid and the entire Yıldız Palace!

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 54 English
Jun. 08, 2018