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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 56 English

Abdulhamid works with all his might to keep the state alive. He assigns the newly appointed pashas. Meanwhile, under the leadership of Rothshild, the world’s money barons gather in Egypt to divide and share the Ottoman Empire and make an agreement.

Halil Halid takes his new position from Abdulhamid. There is a poison ivy that surrounds the streets of Payihat; seeks out old friends to root out the ivy.
Şivenaz, the daughter of the Ottoman’s arch-enemy Rothschild, manages to enter the palace as a valuable guest under a false identity. He fascinates the entire harem with Naime and Seniha, but there is something bothering him in Bidar. Zeynep, who gains Bidar’s trust, tells Şivenaz about Bidar’s nightmares and memories… While Şivenaz decides to silence Bidar completely, on the other hand, together with Fuat, they take action to discredit Vambery from Abdülhamid’s favor.

Will Fuat and Şivenaz be successful in their treacherous plans? How will Halil Halid get rid of the danger that awaits him? What will Abdulhamid do to prevent the division of the Ottoman Empire?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 56 English
Aug. 17, 2018