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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 59 English

Halil Halid goes after the money stolen from the bank, but it is not easy to find because of Samuel’s cunning. Vambery manages to both acquit herself and save Abdülhamid from the difficult situation he is in. But this time, an important task awaits him.

With the intelligence he has, Abdulhamid makes the British open their hand against the Russians. And it achieves the expected result. Evil breaks the alliance. But in the meantime, Şivenaz and Fuat, who learned the matter, make a cruel plan.
The path that Halil Halid finds brings Garo against them with his own feet. Halil Halid, who has begun to bloom in Zeynep, is torn between his love and the task that Şivenaz gave him.

Vambery’s secret guest at the Russian embassy becomes a matter of curiosity at the palace. Mahmut and Seniha are separated because of Mahmut’s velespit Goncagül.
Şivenaz finds new supporters to break up Abdülhamid’s family.
Because of their weaknesses, Naime and Abdülkadir easily fall into the trap set by Şivenaz. Will Bidar Sultan be able to save his children from the trap they were drawn into?
Will the sleepless nights that Abdulhamid spent with his pashas to break the alliance of evil will be rewarded?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 59 English
Sep. 07, 2018