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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 60 English

While bargaining continues at the Reval table on dividing the Ottoman Empire, Abdulhamid looks for ways to disperse this table. Fuat, on the other hand, aims to enter the Heyeti Mahsusa in order to infiltrate Abdulhamid’s new move to the British. Thus, he will be aware of the plans made. Abdulhamid develops an ingenious strategy and sends Halil Halid to Russia… If his plan works, Russian-British cooperation will be disrupted. However, Fuat learns about the plan and leaks it.

While going to the foundation with Seniha, Bidar Sultan sees the old man, who is said to have been confined to bed in the hut where he was kidnapped, walking on the road… He has the guards catch the man and bring him to the palace. If the man betrays Şivenaz, Bidar will learn everything… Will Bidar be able to learn that what he sees in his dreams is real and Şivenaz’s true identity?

Will Naime and Abdulkadir sign a trade agreement and fall into the big trap they are drawn into?

Will Halil Halid be helpless against the plot set against him for the first time? How will Abdulhamid prevent them from smashing the Ottoman Empire at the Reval table when his plan is deciphered?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 60 English
Sep. 14, 2018