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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 62 English

While Abdulhamid awaits the outcome of his grand plan in Russia, Halil Halid and Tatar struggle to accomplish the task given by Abdulhamid at the cost of their lives in Russia. For Şivenaz, the end of the road is now visible, because after the clues Bidar caught about him, there is no chance of salvation. On the other hand, Seniha also falls into the trap that Naime and Abdulkadir are drawn into.

In order to defeat Abdulhamid, Fuat searches for a man who will pledge allegiance to his reign. For this, he will find the weaknesses of Abdulhamid’s loyal men and try to attract them to his side. His first hunt is from Shkodër! However, Halil Halid has to atone for the sins committed by the Shkodrian in the past.

Abdulhamid’s new move to disperse the evil alliance will be through the Balkans. Fuat and Şivenaz want to shoot Abdülhamid where he trusts most… Will Mehmet Selim fall victim to his good intentions and fall into the treacherous trap of Fuats? What awaits Şivenaz, who is trapped? Will he be able to remain loyal to Abdulhamid despite the threat of Fuat from Shkodër? Will Abdulhamid be successful in his policy to prevent the world war?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 62 English
Sep. 28, 2018