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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 66 English

Revolt is about to begin in the Balkans. Abdulhamid’s move will clear both the accusations against Mehmet Selim and the slanders against the state.

Halil Halil returns to Payitaht but cannot appear because he has not cleared his name yet. He will do whatever it takes to clear his name. His first target becomes Samuel. He chooses a very dangerous way to come to terms with her. Now he faces a great enemy force: Ndrangheta!

Fuat and Şivenaz make a deal with Karaso to find Abdülhamid’s secret organization. Karaso knows someone who will help them in return for Sabahattin. Sabahattin must be missed. But their job is not easy. Seniha’s insistence also leaves Mahmut with no way out. He will kidnap his son abroad! With the help of Seniha Naime, who wants to see her son one last time before he leaves, he leaves the palace. Bidar, who can’t stand Naime, has to take this blame on himself at the cost of angering Abdulhamid.

While Şivenaz and Fuat are happy that Sabahattin has been abducted, Abdülhamid’s painting of Şivenaz’s Fuat on the throne falls into the hands of Abdülhamid.
Will the true face of Fuat and Şivenaz finally be revealed?
While Halil Halid tries to clear himself, will he be drawn into a bigger trap? What will Abdulhamid do when he realizes that Mahmut and Seniha helped to abduct Sabahattin, and will he be able to find out who the traitors are behind this business?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 66 English
Oct. 26, 2018