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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 67 English

Sabahattin is gone, but his shaking has not stopped. Abdulhamid is determined to find out who was involved in this kidnapping. This time, Abdulhamid has exceeded his patience and dazzled his eyes… While meeting with those in charge of the job one by one, he comes across one of his most trusted pashas.

Realizing that Seniha was also collaborating with the enemy in Sabahattin’s abduction, Abdülhamid tests his brother to find out with whom Seniha is collaborating. Meanwhile, Bidar was under suspicion to protect Naime and was sentenced to be removed from the palace by Abdulhamid.

Just as Halil Halid has captured Samuel, things turn upside down when the British ambassador intervenes. Samuel is released. Halil Halid is arrested. Hard times await him in prison. Tatar and his friends look for ways to kidnap him.
The arrangement made by the evil alliance in order to get rid of Abdulhamid’s suspicion on them hurts Mahmut Pasha the most.

Will Seniha lose her husband after her son? Will Bidar say goodbye to Abdulhamid forever? Will Halil Halid find a way to clear himself? Will Abdulhamid, who wants to test whether Fuat is lying or not, will be able to reveal the true face of the traitors?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 67 English
Nov. 02, 2018