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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 68 English

Abdulhamid has everyone he suspects of treason imprisoned. And he arranges a grand and ingenious scheme to make each of them confess their crimes. Şivenaz knocks on every door to save Fuat. Yet he remains helpless. Knowing that they are nearing the end now, he keeps struggling. The event that happened to Mahmut Pasha suffocates the palace, and Seniha is devastated.

While Halil Halid has found a way to clear the slander thrown at him in prison, Samuel and his men block all of Halil Halid’s paths. Halil Halid is taken to the square to be executed…

Mehmet Selim and Abdulkadir both come face to face while they are struggling for the survival of the state. Bidar learns that his children have formed a partnership with Şivenaz. All these developments are the harbingers of great turmoil in the family.

Will Şivenaz’s plan to shatter the family come true? What will be the end of Fuat and his collaborator traitors? As the legend of Halil Halid ends with a sad end, what move will Abdulhamid make to avenge his two men, Mahmut Pasha and Halil Halid, whom he loves very much?

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 68 English
Nov. 09, 2018